How To Get A Kitten To Poop If Constipated?

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How to make your kitty stop shitting outside of his litter box? – Cat stopped poopin but still pees in pan every once in awhile how can i fix this problem he dosent have worms just want him to start using the litterbox again pls help me thank you very much im really upset right now thanks alot !!!- Plz help me!!!!!!- I have a 9 month old female chat that started turning around two weeks ago. She was acting normal then went into heat about 2 days ago. She turned around three times before having her first litter box accident around 11pm last night. This morning, she didnt go at all so I cleaned up after her because it smelled fresh, nothing touched since yesterday afternoon when I left for work today so its been 3 hours since she has had an accident , she goes out 5 minutes after cleaning up which I think is unusual because normally if they are sitting by the door waiting for you they will let you know hes done before you even turn off your light or leave something down . The fact that she knows where our litter boxes are makes me believe there might be some kind of medical reason