How To Get A Kitten To Stop Biting So Hard?

I have a kitten that loves to bite. I can’t do anything with her except try to change the way she bites. Never mind what is being done, it does not matter….

How To Get A Kitten Stop Jumping On Everything And Biting My Cat

My cat was getting off of our bed and onto my daughters bed by jumping on top of the mattress and biting at their heads every time they would get up. After reading this article, I took some chicken wings (which were soaked in water) and wrapped them around his neck like a collar then put him out in another room for 30 minutes while we sat… 26/04/2012 · How To Make Your Cat Stop Jumping Up Like It’s Christmas! So how do you make your cat stop jumping like it’s christmas? Well all you need to do is wrap an old shirt or towel around its neck and tie it up so if he jumps down from the couch he won’t be able to get back up again until you release him!!! Here’s another great tip …and here’s one more Thank You for watching please SUBSCRIBE Today!:…