How To Get A Kitten To Stop Chewing Cords?

If the kitten is young it may find catnip irresistible. Personally I have found that many cats will chew cords just because they are there. They do not necessarily need to be replaced or altered in any way to stop them chewing on things.

I have a few suggestions for you which should help your kitten get over this problem soon…

1) First of all, try buying some new heavy duty rubber cord covers from online pet stores etc.. These are meant for protecting the wires inside an electrical cord by covering them up without having to replace or alter anything about the actual wire itself! The main reason cats tend to chew electrical cords is because they look like soft toys and usually contain very small bits of real fur as well as being pliable enough for teeth and claws to grip onto easily. If your cat likes those type of things then offer him one or two at a time but don’t always let him have them so he gets used to going after them if he does start showing interest in eating wires out of fear…. Just make sure you put these away somewhere safe when not in use so your kitty doesn’t decide it’s dinner time!! You can also buy a special collar with a built-in plug cover, although these tend not really work too well with most pets who manage somehow figure how they’re plugged into something else anyway….. Having said all that though, it might be worth looking into getting one especially if you want your cat off chewing clothes/