How To Get A Kitten Used To A Dog?

If the dog is a puppy, it’s best to keep him in an enclosed area with his littermates for awhile. If he doesn’t seem threatened by the dog, encourage your kitten to interact with him and let them play together for a few weeks or months…. A common question that arises when considering adding a new pet into the family is how do I get my cat used to dogs? We already have two cats but our neighbour has recently gotten a puppy.

How To Get Your Cat Used To Dogs Quora

I want my cat to be calm as she can be around other animals such as fish and chickens etc which are not considered pets so less likely than say hamsters or gerbils where they’d never even meet another animal before… The first step of introducing your cat and new dog will involve any necessary preparations: Vaccinations , routine veterinary care (such as flea prevention), and grooming appointments. If you’re moving, consult moving company policies about taking on pets during moves; many companies provide kennel services if you need more space than you have at home. You’ll also need some toys (wooden balls work well). That way there won’t be any stress on both sides of the fence…in this case, within sight of each other! How long will it take? It may take several days or one week how to make eggplant parmesan sauce Dr Seuss book Dr Seuss book – Green Eggs And Ham – Print