How To Get A Kitten Used To Other Cats?

Cats that are used to other cats will generally do better in new homes.

If you know of a rescue group with kittens available, write them and ask if they have any available for adoption or help finding foster homes. You can also try your local shelters; many cities offer low-cost spay/neuter programs that often give discounted pricing on surgeries performed by licensed veterinarians (some even provide free spay/neuter). Your local humane society may be able to refer you to an affordable vet. If your pet is older or has health problems it would benefit from surgery, the costs of which aren’t covered by most veterinary plans, ask around at your vet’s office about surgical discounts with owners who own pets in rescue groups. Also compiling a list of boarding kennels where cats are housed together may help encourage bonding between the two cats while they wait for their new home.

When adopting adult cats into households with young children keep in mind that small children play rough and tumble games like tag where they run up behind their unsuspecting victims growling and scratching at them until they chase them down…leaving little scratches on the adults backs! I wouldn’t recommend getting an adult cat unless there was no chance whatsoever for this kind of scenario ever happening! There are lots of stories online about kids turning off faucets while playing “water wars” then later discovering that said faucet had been left running all night long leaving water dripping everywhere