How To Get Kitten Out Of Tall Tree?

i have a 3 week old kitten. recently she has climbed up the tree in our yard and got stuck on one of the branches about at least 6 feet off the ground. i couldn’t get her down because it’s too high for me to reach. my mother was able to get her when she saw her with binoculars but by then, she started crying… how can i help?

Answers: How To Get A Kitten Out Of A Tree!

Call animal control or humane society first (they usually will not be able to do anything). They will call you back if they find your kitten (and tell them where you are). Then, go out there and try all of these things until someone finds it!!! If they are still alive – throw something heavy at their head so that they fall out!! I know this sounds cruel but sometimes animals don’t listen…. Well eventually hopefully one day I’ll learn never talk about killing an animal near kids…again thanks for reading <3 Answer posted on 9/28/2006 5:00:52 AM by Hi Everyone! We had a little problem with getting our new family member into his cage last night after dinner time.. He just loves being outside more that he does inside.. Sooo here is what we did finally work:- Take him outside- Bring him in front of cage- Shake cage gently while saying "no" repeatedly- Leave room