How To Get Kitten To Eat Dry Food?

I got a kitten about 2 weeks ago and she is eating wet food, but I don’t want to put her on wet all the time because she didn’t grow up with it. So can you help me? What kind of dry food should i buy for my kitten that wont break the bank? Thanks!

Answers: The best cat food out there is Purina Cat Chow. They have quite a few different varieties including veterinarians Formula which has extra vitamins and minerals in it for your kitty’s optimum health. You can get them at any grocery store or pet store around here, they are really cheap too! For canned, just get whatever ones your local vet uses as far as ingredients go. In this case though I would recommend getting one variety over another because some cats don’t do well on certain types of foods so better safe than sorry! (07/15/2010)

By Jenny