How To Get Kitten To Gain Weight?

I have a 3 week old kitten. He is getting so small and not eating well at all…he is very tiny and I cant get him to gain any weight….

Cindy in Utah: When did you start feeding your kitty? It looks like he has been fed for about 2 weeks now, that’s why it looks like he has no fat on his body (and also this must be happening because of the smaller portions?) If you’re feeding wet food, try putting less food in the bowl during one feedings and see if that makes a difference. Some cats do better with small amounts of dry food mixed with water or flavored yogurt; others do better with canned cat chow (some brands call foods ‘pate’ rather than pate). Read more about how much to give your cat here: Or read more about healthy diet for cats here: In addition to what they say there, I would add that canned pumpkin can be good too – especially when mixing it into other types of dry food… …

Kayla in California: Probably cause u have been giving him puppy formula instead.. Here are some tips on nursing kittens back to health after being bottle fed or handfed by humans :http://wiki2ucomelinese