How To Get Kitten To Sleep?

Im sorry if this is the wrong place to post it but I want all of you to help me get my kitten off his constant scratching and biting. He does not do this in any other situation except when he sleeps. We have tried everything under the sun for him, we just cannot find a solution that works! He will scratch himself raw if we don’t watch him closely while he sleeps… Most days Im able to catch him at it before serious damage occurs but there are other times where I am too late and its over before i can even see what happened lol. Now that hes older (1 year old) I’m hoping he’ll stop soon because his mommy has been making an absolute mess of herself trying to clean up all the scratches on her hands every time she comes home from work or sometimes even when she gets home from shopping or whatever.

Please let me know your ideas and/or suggestions..

Thank you SOOOO much everyone!