How To Get Kitten To Stop Biting?

– how to train a kitten not to bite

how do i stop my cat from biting? – How can you get your cat off your couch

what can i use to keep my cats from biting me? – Cat keeps biting when he sees us sit on sofas or chairs in the living room how can we prevent this problem

i have a two year old kitten and she is acting very aggressive lately. could it be because of her fighting with another female kitty? what should I do about that behavior? – 2 yr old male cat bites when he sees other cats in the house when they are feeling bad cuz its been for at least 3 days now, also no food has been given since yesterday but it still continues. Help! Its really getting out of hand!! Also He does not listen at all either if left alone or when called, any help would be greatful! 4 answers Hello Kitty..this may sound harsh but you need to take her somewhere where there is a lot of noise going on including people talking and loud music playing…just until she gets over this aggression. She will become much less dominant once she learns that these things aren’t acceptable here…but right now its just making … Read More At some point she’ll learn there’s nothing else here worth conquering . It sounds like someone doesn’t understand pet-speak–you haven’t let her play enough. If it were me, I’d introduce several different kinds of toys (toys with bells