How To Get My Kitten To Stop Pooping On The Floor?

How to get my kitten to stop pooping on the floor?

I have a 8 month old cat. I’ve had him for 2 years. He used to be an indoor cat but just recently he has started going outside and that’s what made me realize that there was something wrong with his health.

He started getting seizures, which is why i took him out of the house and put him in a pet shop since they sell cats too, so he could have more attention from other people besides my father who can’t handle having another animal around.. The only problem is now here’s the main thing…There are some new changes happening inside of his body lately…It seems like some tumors are growing inside his stomach, so i’m really worried about it cause if this doesn’t go away then he will probably die by himself….so what should I do? Should I take him back home where my father is or any place else until this gets better? And how long does it usually take for these things like cancer/tumors to become visible through blood tests or anything like that.? …Any help would be appreciated ^_^