How To Get New Kitten To Use Litter Box?

I have 2 cats, both are neutered and declawed. I was told the male is 8 years old and the female is 4 years old. Both are indoor only (no other animals) cat lovers who will play with toys or each other for hours if you let them, but they don’t like to use the litter box. The male does not go outside at all because he has an upper respiratory infection that makes him cough constantly, so we cannot take him out even though he seems very happy in his own environment inside. The female goes outside all day long so she doesn’t really need to be taken out either except when her nails need trimming – which she never likes doing anyway!!! We have tried every trick suggested online for this problem: putting water down around their feet as well as their food bowl sometimes to help deter them from going there since it’s “safer” than using a litter box – nothing works! Is there anything else we can try? They just sit by the door waiting for us to walk away so they can go pee/poop on our carpet! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂


Kitten Litter Box Problems Solved! And Fast Too!!