How To Get Our Kitten To Quit Biting?

My cat keeps trying to bite my humans. How can I get her to stop? She kneads us and pokes at our stomachs with her paws, but we do not feel threatened. — Hilda M., via

Dear Hilda: Cats are naturally curious animals and like to investigate everything they see or pick up in their mouth (or claws). They may be motivated by the instinctual need for survival (i.e., when a cat snatches your sock off the floor it could mean your feet are about to fall off!) or just want to check out what’s going on around them — especially if you’re already sleeping! Sometimes it is okay for cats to investigate new things that they’ve found in their environment such as an interesting toy or piece of food; however, when a cat goes too far and actually bites, there’s no telling how long until serious damage has been done so it’s best not to take chances with this behavior! To help prevent biting: Provide plenty of toys and interactive playthings in multiple locations throughout your home so that Kitty will have lots of different places from which she can explore without getting into trouble! If possible keep Kitty indoors during the day while you’re gone rather than allow her free roam outside where others might get hurt. Also make sure Kitty has plenty of safe places inside where she can retreat if necessary including corners safely out-of-reach from other family members’ claws/paws etc… Finally,