How To Get Your Kitten To Calm Down?

“I have a cat that I need to use the litter box. Is there a way to get him used to going in it?”

–Carrie H.

Is There A Way To Get Your Cat Used To Going In The Litter Box? How Can I Stop My Kittens From Peeing On Carpeted Floors And Stairs? What Should I Do About My Cats Who Won’t Use Their Litter Boxes? These are all questions you might consider asking if your cat is not using the litter box! It may sound like an easy question, but it’s actually more complicated than you think. If your cat isn’t using their litterbox because they don’t know how, or aren’ t sure what kind of litterto use, this article can help you out. Before we go into detail about how to teach them (or maybe even better yet, find out why they’re not using the box), let’s take a look at what causes cats not to use their boxes and some other reasons for shyness around toilets! Did You Know That Your Cat Isn’t Using The Litter Box Because They Don”t Know How?! Lots Of Other Reasons For Not Using A Litter Box Here’s Why Your Cat May Be Shy Around The Toilet: 1) Maybe she doesn’ t want her scent on his poop so he can ‘find her ‘. This is entirely possible as often times our cats will only poop when they feel