How To Get Your Kitten To Stop Biting You?

The following information is courtesy of The Humane Society of the United States. I hope it helps you get your kitten to stop biting you!

Cats are known for their sharp teeth and quick reflexes, which can easily result in painful bites when they feel threatened or annoyed. If your cat has bitten someone else before, chances are good that she will do so again if scratched or addressed harshly. You should teach her why she needs to learn not to bite by carefully demonstrating what bad behavior looks like—and how much damage a bite can cause—so that she understands exactly how serious it is when she does it behind your back. To keep her in line, try putting an object on the floor in front of where you’re sitting when petting her (a towel or soft pillow works well), so that touching hands with another person makes her sit up straight rather than approach them from the side as though trying to attack them. Other people’s pets may seem less threatening than yours due to their size, but all cats have been known to take exception at being touched unexpectedly…especially if they’ve never seen humans before! Just be sure everyone who comes into contact with your cat knows about her hunting proclivities and avoids making uncomfortable eye contact while petting him/her because this could trigger predatory behavior fast enough to make one think twice about coming near a big feline anyhow!

What do I need?

You’ll need these items:

– A large cardboard