How To Get Your Kitten To Stop Meowing?

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You are talking about the call of nature, which is instinctive – if you have ever seen a cat or dog do it, you would know that they just gotta go! I am an animal lover and I don’t think any non-dog person should own one. If they want them, great – but there’s no way anyone should ever get another pet after seeing the disfiguration these animals inflict upon their bodies (and often times other pets too).

I’d suggest reading up about spaying and neutering animal population control before getting one yourself so as not give it access to more homeless kittens…as well as making sure you can afford it since these things cost thousands of dollars each time!

THIS IS A REASONABLE QUESTION AND THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUSLY NOT ON THIS SITE AS ANYONE CAN SEE IF THEY FOLLOW THE LINK AT THE END OF THIS POST!!! READING UP WHY CATS DON’T MEOW MAY HELP WITH YOUR PROBLEM!! To see why cats don’t like bells consider this: For every kitty who doesn’t like the sound of bells there is probably another kitty