How To Help A Kitten In Heat?

I have a kitten that I found out of my garden under a bush. He is about 2 months old.

He was born in the wild and has been perfectly healthy so far, but now he’s showing signs of being in heat starting to pee on everything except for me! Any advice?

Answer: The first thing you need to do is find out if your kitten actually has a condition called ‘kitten season’ or ‘feline estrus’. Both terms refer to the time when female cats go into heat every year around the middle of February or early March, right after they’ve had their winter coat shed. In other words it differs from cat to cat because each individual will experience this same event differently. There are two forms of FELINE ESTRUS SYNDROME (FEHS) which affect kittens at different ages — during this period cats may exhibit all manner of behaviour ranging from total abandonment by owners, uncharacteristic aggression towards them, abnormal sleep patterns and even illness due to hormonal changes associated with breeding behavior.

Getting back on track…those females who show no interest whatsoever in mating with any male living nearby will be considered KITTEN SEASON-ISTIC (KSi). Females who are attracted only by males within an established social group belonging either mainly to her own species (marsupialism), another member species or mixed groups can be termed KITTEN SEASON-IME(KSI). These animals R