How To Help A Kitten With No Balance?

My kitten broke his leg. It is an interesting fracture but he has no balance on it, which makes him uncomfortable to jump up and down on the bed or at my feet. However, he can feel things moving under him like a dust mop or vacuum cleaner (which frightens him). He will stop for awhile then try to get back up again only to fall over due to lack of balance. Is there any way I can help this? Do you think surgery may be necessary? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The best thing that you could do is give your cat some rehabilitation time (more than 4 weeks) without putting pressure on the broken bones with weight bearing activities such as jumping, climbing stairs etc…. Definitely wait until your cat’s bone healing process is complete before trying out those “rehabilitation” exercises… You don’t want them causing further damage by not having enough strength in their legs….. Good Luck!