How To Help Kitten With Diarrhea?

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How to Help a Cat With Constipation Easy Ways To Prevent And Treat Constipation in Cats. A cat is typically constipated if it has hard stools with blood or mucus, straining to defecate them out, and not wanting to eat. This is common in cats that are eating canned food…. If you have an older cat who doesn’t want to eat any more than he needs, don’t force him into eating just because the vet says “you must!” You can try some of these easy ways for getting your senior over his reluctance about eating: How do I help my cat with diarrhea? This article will show how you can treat your cat’s diarrhea by giving her electrolytes …… The best way for treating constipation is through diet changes. Try switching from dry kibble or canned food to moistened foods such as canned pumpkin or cottage cheese (1/2 teaspoon of either per cup of dry food). Be sure that the added moisture does not cause your pet stomach upset (bloating). Then gradually increase the amount until she no longer experiences loose stool; but note that this may take several weeks.

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If you want to get rid of the condition permanently , start by feeding small amounts of higher quality wet dog food i .e mix 3/4 dried egg white powder with 1/4