How To Identify A Blue Russian Kitten?

The first thing you need to know is that blue russian kittens are not Russian. They come from the majestic breed of Persian/Russian cats. Blue russian breed came about as a result of breeding an American Curl with a Russian Blue cat . The reason they have the name “blue” is because they were primarily found as adults and they tend to have a more icy blue color, whereas most other Persians are predominantly black in coloration. This has led some people to believe that these cats aren’t really true blue Russians at all but instead part-Persian or even part-American Curl hybrids which ends up being a lot less difficult for them to find homes due their lovely coloring.

Blue russians tend towards different coat colors than what’s typical for persians: most commonly, blues will have the icey look of reds with hints of lavender, gray or white mixed in along with darker stripes on their bodies. Some blues also will have patches of silver around their eyes and dark copper colored spots on their coats rather than pure black ones like many Persians do though it is becoming increasingly rarer these days since there isn’t much demand anymore for such small breeds so often times breeders won’t bother trying for it if they don’t see any interest from buyers who may want one just because it’s unique!