How To Introduce A Kitten To Another Kitten?

Asked by: Mrs. Nellie

Kittens like to play and wrestle with one another, and it can be quite funny when they do this. If you have a choice of whether to allow them to fight, I would suggest that you let them do what they want while keeping an eye on the situation so that if there is trouble, you will know about it before your kitten gets hurt or seriously injured. When kittens start fighting for no reason at all, such as over toys or food dishes, things get very dangerous. As soon as the fighting begins between two of your kittens, separate them and put each cat in its own room until their rages subside. Don’t leave them alone together until the fights stop; just keep an eye on both of them around-the-clock unless they are playing together happily and peaceably for several days in a row without any serious incidents occurring . It may take weeks for these two cats to accept each other enough that they are able to tolerate being apart from each other even for short periods of time—but eventually what seemed impossible will become not only possible but inevitable! You must then try again sometime later after some time has passed when both cats are much more comfortable living apart from one another under supervision during supervised play sessions where nothing bad happens at least twice per day (one session should last no longer than fifteen minutes). During playtime spend most of your attention on one cat rather than watching both cats simultaneously because this helps the