How To Introduce An Orphaned Kitten To A Nursing Cat?

How to introduce an orphaned kitten to a nursing cat?

She may be hesitant at first but with love and patience, she will grow up strong. A new born kitten needs the warmth of her mother’s body for proper growth. This means that you cannot leave her alone in your house. If you are working all day long, hire someone else who can take care of your newborn baby instead of letting her stay alone all day long. Give her meals from a bottle or nipples whenever she is ready to eat after about 3 weeks old. Always feed them fresh water as well as food if they would like it which should be within 30 minutes after eating. Introduce the litter box gradually by placing it right next to their sleeping area together with some paper litter so that they could find it easily when needed.. See more Cats Tabby Cats in Ann Arbor