How To Introduce My Dog To A New Kitten?

My husband and I have been married for 4 years and we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy (that is now 3 1/2). About 8 months ago we decided that it was time to get another cat. We had always wanted pets, but never had any luck finding the right fit. While perusing through petfinder one day, my husband came across a little kitten asking for her forever home. She is an adorable 3-4 week old kitten named “Kitty” who has perfect markings and coloring like you would see on a Persian. However she also has what appears to be tail mutations…we call them “Tailies”. My boyfriend asked me if I would consider adding this new addition into our family as long as his dog doesn’t become overly protective of Kitty or start growling at her when he sees her in certain places around the house such as behind him while watching tv!

So far we’re having no problems at all with our existing dogs accepting Kitty however they don’t seem very thrilled about the idea of sharing their space so soon after they’ve discovered us! The first night she arrived everything seemed to go smoothly, however since then both dogs have acted extremely territorial towards her whenever she’s near them especially inside our home which is where I believe they feel most safe! So basically now my husband wants me to make up some sort of food concoction that will allow Kitty to slowly gain trust with each dog individually until eventually meeting them together without incidents? If