How To Keep Kitten Calm After Spay?

Dear Dr. Bruce: My friend’s kitten seemed to tire easily, and she would often have to carry it around in her arms for a while after feeding. The vet said that the kitten was probably too young for its spay operation (it had been born at seven months), but I thought that perhaps there was something else going on here.

My friend is convinced that this cat will not be able to keep up with her other cats when the kittens are old enough to leave their mother and go out on their own, which may well happen in a few weeks or even days if they’re allowed free rein of the house right now. We talked about taking them all back home; however we can’t afford an expensive boarding place for our elderly dog who doesn’t get along with cats very much because he just wants everyone away from him!

I don’t know what should be done here — please help us! – Amanda Dear Amanda: You might try starting your friend off by keeping one of the older kittens home from time to time so you can see how it does without being accompanied by mom for a while. If your cat seems quite happy during these outings, then things look fine so long as she has plenty of food and water available at all times, since having kittens is stressful enough without trying to cope with two extra mouths coming home every day! If things do not progress satisfactorily over a period of several days despite frequent visits from you and your friends’