How To Keep Kitten Off Bed?

my cat jumped on my bed while i was sleeping, he did it before but this time he tried to attack me. how can keep him off my bed?


kitten jumping on the bed – Catnip for Cats and Dogs? by Diane G. 1/12/2012 The reason that cats jump onto beds is because they are curious, playful animals who want to investigate everything in your home. They will often do this when you are not around if there are things in their vicinity that they consider interesting or new. If your cat jumps onto the bed at night it could be an indication of anxiety or insecurity which should be addressed immediately so that it does not become a habit. You may also have a bad association with your pillow which makes them feel unsafe trying to get out of your reach so therefore they try other places where you cannot reach them even though this may result in causing injury to themselves as well as others around them such as you or pets etc.. It’s important that you treat any issues concerning animal behavior properly rather than just say no over and over again without addressing the root problem especially when dealing with something like aggression due to fearfulness being displayed towards humans since its very disturbing for everyone involved especially if children come into contact with these behaviors too frequently. In order for all concerned parties including yourself and those close to us past or present we need some kind of comfort from our surroundings which includes our emotions too knowing what we would prefer instead of what