How To Know If A Kitten Is A Boy Or Girl?

A: The most reliable way to know is to have a vet examine it. In some breeds, the testicles may be so small as to be barely visible by eye. Others’ testicles are so large as to make this determination impractical.

Q: How do you tell the sex of a kitten?

A: A female cat will have a pair of breasts and her nipples will be very obvious when she’s nursing kittens. Males generally do not have nipples or mammary glands that protrude from their skin, although there are exceptions in certain domestic cats such as Persian Persians and Maine Coons. Some males also have an extra hair called a “vulva” on their bellies (in British CATS). This can be used for identification purposes if needed (for example if one has several male kittens at home) but is rarely necessary with adult cats; after all, they don’t need any more badges!

Q: Is it true that every animal has its own personality and characteristics? What about dogs and cats?

A: Personality can vary quite considerably between individual animals and even within species (e.g., wolves vs kitties.) There certainly seems little doubt that each breed or type of dog or cat does indeed possess unique personality characteristics which relate directly to those particular attributes required for working successfully with them as hunting companions, pets etc… However we must stress here again – “no two individuals of any breed ever show identical behavior.” So