How To Know If Kitten Is Unwanted By Litter?

I have a female kitten who is 10 weeks old today. She’s really cute, but her mom passed away suddenly last week. I don’t want to use my other cat as the mother because she could get pregnant again..

How do you tell if your Cat is having twins? How Do You Tell If Your Cat Is Having Twins? By: Jennifer Arshad When it comes to kittens, knowing what they are up to can be challenging for owners of older cats who may not understand why their little one never stops playing or climbing on furniture or waking them up at night with play fights. Are They Really Weaning Their Littermates Off Solid Food? By: Sussan Shafiei The reason behind this question is that some people believe that when kittens are weaned off solid food they will lose interest in food. However, there are several reasons why an adult cat would still need his/her own bowl of water and desire

My Kittens Won’t Eat! What Can I Do?? My two cats were raised together – one was adopted from the pound 2 years ago (a male)and he has always been fed dry kibble by hand since day 1…the other was born here 3 months ago (a female),both around 8-9 lbs now..they both LOVE dry kibble so i thought this would be no problem…but it seems either my youngest won’t eat any or she eats half then spits out the rest….is there something wrong with