How To Litter Train Your Kitten?

They are very curious and enjoy exploring the different smells around them. If you have a cat that is skittish, weak, or older then you can use an electric fence to keep cats out of areas they shouldn’t be in. You may want to consider these options before trying anything else. It will take time for your kitten to get used to their new home but it’s not impossible if you do all the right things from day one!

The National Association of Humane Firefighters offers this information about how to litter train your kitten: “Begin by placing 2-3 inches of litter on top of the “new” box with enough room for him/her too dig inside. Then place 1 cup (that is approximately 3 ounces) into each side corner scoopable tray within easy reach. This should provide enough places where he/she can access his/her food and water.”