How To Look After A Kitten?

If your kitten has had a very poor start to life it is likely she may be fearful. She will need someone who will approach her gently and give her reassurance for the first couple of days. You can offer some food but you don’t want to make too much noise or allow any other animals in the house until you are sure that she trusts you, otherwise there is a chance that they may frighten her even more. It helps if when feeding her on the floor, yourself sit down next to where she is eating so that when you pick up your handbag or keys etc., they are not near enough for her to see them as threatening. The best thing about kittens is their natural curiosity – once she gets used to having people around (and especially one person) then many behavioural problems become less likely or at least easier for owners and carers because there isn’t such an overwhelming fear factor present!

How long do cats live?

Most cats die from old age within 12 – 15 years: this means by 9-12 months of age (although most reach 18-24 months). This does vary quite drastically depending on what cat breed we’re talking about; some breeds tend not to live longer than 7 years whereas others like Abyssinians tend only be expected to reach 5-7 years old before dying naturally due to heart disease/aortic stenosis. These figures also take into account all factors such as diet, environment, health issues/beh