How To Make A Kitten A Lap Cat?

how do you make a kitten a lap cat?

How to Make Your Cat or Kitten a Lap Kitty – The Well-Tempered Dog – Pinterest – Well, I have been asked how to make a kitten become a lap kitty before. This is one of my favorite techniques for training your baby! However, it can be used on older cats as well if they are being stubborn and just don’t want to let go. Yes, both kittens and adult cats can learn this technique very easily. It may take some time but once they get the hang of it you will find that the tricks come out faster than ever! In fact, with practice these tricks will come so naturally that there won’t even be any thought involved when performing them every day after going through the process of training them in the first place! So grab your treats…if your not sure what kind then use something like chicken jerky strips (the best kind IMO) and work from there….I also recommend keeping an eye on YouTube videos regarding “stuck kittens”..this should help give you ideas for things other people have done successfully before/to try yourself 🙂 Method: Step 1: Place small amounts of food at various places around their home until usually […] Read More » How do i train my dog stop biting me while eating ? , Ask MetaFilter Why Does My Cat Keep Jumping On Me When I Am Writing? How Do You Get A Cat To Sleep Under