How To Make A Kitten Poop When Constipated?

Well there are several things that you can try. One is to make sure that they have eaten, fed them twice a day with high quality cat food for kittens. You may want to talk about this with your vet first, but if the kitten has not had any solid foods by itself it may be something wrong with them and you should take them in. If they are eating good food, then I would also make sure the litter box is clean of urine or feces as well as your cats box at home so he will have some place to go when he needs to use his bathroom. A second thing that might work is making him eat more frequently instead of just once per day, maybe 3 times a day or even 4 or 5 times depending on how long it takes him before starting to produce stool again after being constipated for too long? This could help because it causes him to poop quicker after finishing up one meal! Another way is making him drink water regularly during the day so he will be properly hydrated. Lastly an easy remedy which requires no doctor’s perscription at all nor vet visit would be getting liquid vitamin c supplements from pets-mart and adding half an ampule (which typically sells for around $2) directly into each ear canal and letting it dissolve over time until dryness allows new fluid build up in ears causing soft poops.? And lastly another option which works great for me whenever my cats get off their feeding schedule mid morning/early afternoon/evening