How To Make A Kitten Poop?

If you are not sure if your kitten is having a bowel movement, please contact us at (571) 751-3335. We can help you to determine what your kitten may need. If she/he has passed stool in the litter box, then she/he does not need anything done immediately. If he/she continues to have little or no stool in the litter box after several days of daily cleaning, then we would recommend getting her/him seen by our veterinarian for further advice and treatment.

What causes my cat’s poop to smell bad? When cats eat too much fat or protein they will often produce an odor when they defecate due to bacterial fermentation in their digestive tract. This usually occurs within 24 hours of eating too much lipase which is found in meat products such as chicken breast, salmon, beef liver and cottage cheese etc.. The cause of fatty acid build up in the colon is unknown but could be related to stress levels during times where food was scarce like when kittens are nursing less frequently than normal throughout their first 4 weeks of life. Proper diet with adequate fiber intake along with probiotic supplementation should eliminate this problem for most cats!

When do I need vet care? Consultation with Drs Vairavan & Sugariwal can prevent unnecessary surgery where possible or offer immediate relief from symptoms that arise out of nowhere without warning! They treat over 1 million animals each year including dogs, cats & exotic species all across Texas! Please