How To Make Homemade Kitten Food?

-I have a 13 week old kitten. He is eating wet food but he does not seem interested in it . I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions on how to get him to eat more of his homemade wet food? Thank you for your time, and i apologize for my poor English!

Answer: Dear Darlene,

Please check the amount of water used by the manufacturer (usually around 4 or 5 tablespoons per cup) and adjust as necessary. If this still does not result in adequate moisture content then mix with additional water until satisfied – usually about 2/3 dry ingredients plus 1/2 liquid mixture will provide an adequately moist diet. As far as feeding amounts go; most pet foods come in very small containers (pouches or cans) so please be aware that these are only approximate guidelines based on average sized cats like yours. For example, if your cat eats around 3 cups every day then try starting out with just one serving daily since they may use less than expected which can lead them to becoming hungry quicker than usual. Also realize that some kittens grow into larger adults than others so follow their growth rate closely once they reach adult size according to their breed standards so there is no tummy ache after all! Best wishes… Dr. B Help other customers find the most helpful instructions. Were these instructions helpful?