How To Make Kitten Eat Dry Food?

The best way to get your kitten to eat dry food is with canned cat foods. It’s easier for them because they usually have the smell of canned cat food, and for you because it helps reduce your kitty litter bill. You can buy a special kind of canned cat food that has the taste of wet food but is actually dried, or just put some dry dog or horse feed on top of your cat’s regular dry formula. If you are having trouble getting them to eat either one, try putting them in separate bowls at first so that they don’t think it’s time for dinner yet! Once they start eating any type of new thing though, they’ll love all kinds eventually! Just be patient…

How do I train my kitten/cat?

You probably have more patience than most people when training cats–just remember there are never any guarantees! Most kittens will turn out fine if socialized properly from early on by their mother (or someone else who takes care of him) and taken good care of afterwards. Here are some ideas: When he starts biting stuff around him or his playmate(s), clap loudly right next to where he bites something then put him back down immediately afterward. Do this over & over until he figures out not doing this isn’t going make anything happen to you – especially before big brother comes along 🙂 This only works with younger kittens who aren’t too self-sufficient yet though; older ones may bite harder & not listen as