How To Make Your Kitten Like You?

I am not really sure how people are able to make their cats like them, but I don’t think it is possible. If you are trying to make your kitten like you, it is already too late! They will probably never be your friend. Cats are naturally territorial and sharp of hearing. When they hear a loud noise or see something strange, their bodies will react by fighting instinctually towards the source of the disturbance. This can cause them to attack humans and other animals as if they were wild animals in nature so please do no try this at home. You should also know that every cat has its own unique personality and likes different things than others so there aren’t any “cookie cutter” methods for making a cat love you!

How much money should I spend on my pet?

It depends on many factors such as size, sex, age etcetera plus location where you live-how much money does he/she cost per month (rent/mortgage), how long do we plan to keep him for etcetera… But most people agree that around $200-$400 per year would be appropriate if we want our pets healthy and happy with us because we provide food, water and veterinarian services needed during his lifetime; which takes up more expenses such as pet care products (flea meds & vet visits). We would suggest renting an apartment instead of buying one since apartments usually go cheaper than houses due to less maintenance involved after moving into