How To Mix Kmr Kitten Formula?

I have a 4 week old kitten that I think has milk intolerance. She can’t hold down her food and eats it very quickly, then she’ll lay there with her head on the floor for awhile. Not sure if this is a sign of illness or not? Help!

Veterinarian responds: It sounds like your kitten may be experiencing some gastrointestinal upset because she’s eating so fast. Here are some tips to help you get her back onto solid foods: 1) Measure out the proper amount of formula each time and feed in one small bolus 2) If she lays down after eating, do NOT turn her over until at least 30 minutes has passed 3) Try feeding three times per day instead of two 4) Start offering wet food from an early age 5) Change formulas frequently 6) Keep fresh water available 7) When using canned cat food make sure you mix 60% dry kibble with 40% canned 8 ) Avoid stress 9 ) Make sure to keep a clean litter box 10 ) Get plenty of exercise 11 ) Consider going to see your veterinarian 12 ) Know what might be causing the problem 13 – 14 The most important thing is not giving up hope!