How To Play Seven By Rainbow Kitten Surprise?

Here are some answers to your questions:

1. Why is the game called “seven by rainbow”? Is it a code name or something? In fact, this is just an ordinary Japanese word for seven without any special meaning. It was chosen because The Seven Mysteries of the Rainbow have been used as a theme for games since ancient times and they fit well with our concept of a mystery adventure game. 2. What kind of story do you want to tell in this game? That’s up to you! So far we had only one main character (Yosuke) but there may be more characters later on who will appear during gameplay through various means like cut scenes or by gathering information from people around Yosuke, so please look forward to them! 3. There seem to be many characters here, can I expect another full cast like Persona 4 Golden has ? Something similar could happen… However at present we aren’t really sure yet about what form future additional characters will take; they might not even appear until after the main story is finished (like how people didn’t know that Rise Kujikawa would be appearing during P4G). We hope everyone enjoys playing with these new characters though! 4. Will there be multiple endings like Persona 4 Golden ? Yes, yes there will! 5. Is Yosuke someone related to Kanji Tatsumi from Persona Q : Shadow of Labyrinth/Persona 3 Portable/Ace Attorney series etc.? No