How To Prevent Aggressive Kitten Play?

It’s important to have a plan when introducing kittens to each other, and know how long the introduction should last. In general, you want to introduce your young cats at about eight weeks of age or later. Kittens need time to develop their social skills before they are able to understand what others might think if they start playing too rough with one another. If multiple cats in a household have been introduced well early on, it is not necessary for them all to be introduced at once if there is no aggression between any of these cats in the home. The overall goal is for your young kittens (and older ones who may still be shy)to learn that playtime with their friendly littermates can be enjoyable and fun without aggressive nipping or chomping!

What do I need?

Kitten toys: You will need safe cat toys like cardboard boxes filled with shredded paper (we use Cat Tales because this type of box does not contain any toxic chemicals), toilet paper rolls stuffed with catnip-free grasses (like alfalfa), and small balls made from kitty treats like canned tuna fish or cooked chicken pieces . This list could go on forever; we suggest keeping many different types available so that you can rotate through them as needed when an unruly kitten gets bored with its current toy(s). Donations also welcome! We will gladly accept donations of new/unused items such as soft toys , boxes , yarn , string, etc