How To Put A Cat Harness On A Kitten?

Your cat should be 8 weeks old to use a harness. Small cats can fit into the small harness, medium cats into the medium and large ones into the large one. You will have to check that your cat does not have any health issues or retinal damage before fitting it with a harness. This involves taking it for an exam by its veterinarian so that they can see if there are any conditions which might make using leather uncomfortable for you pet. Make sure that your vet is comfortable with you putting on/taking off this type of equipment yourself as it may result in them having to stop their treatment to attend you during this time. It is also important that the size fits properly – too big and it will slip off, too tight then neither you nor your cat will be able to get free quickly enough if needed! If all goes well, however, once it has been fitted correctly but still doesn’t feel right try moving around while wearing it till at least one corner becomes loose enough for your cat to start pulling gently away from you… That way better understand what yours needs are before buying another brand or trying out different styles of these items 🙂

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