How To Put A Harness On A Kitten?

I’m assuming you are asking about how to put a harness on an adult cat. If so, then the answer is that it depends on the harness type and your cat’s weight.

But I can give you some general guidelines. First of all, if your cat weighs less than 10 pounds, most types of pet harnesses will work fine for him or her – they are fairly easy to fit around cats’ necks/shoulders because their bodies are small enough to accommodate them without being too tight (otherwise they would slip off). However, if your kitty’s weight exceeds 20 pounds, standard-sized pet vests often come loose with little effort unless he or she is very active; then these may not be practical for bigger cats because they tend to slide down further onto the chest area once they’re on their back legs! For heavier cats who need more support during walks but still want something lightweight – either even heavier nylon tethers like those used for training dogs or one of our padded leashes might be better options than standard size pet vests since these won’t wear out as quickly and may last longer due to higher quality materials used in construction.

You’ll also want to check out our selection of neoprene “leash” collars & leads which come in sizes up through 60″. These straps use hook-and-loop closures instead of snaps which allow them to stretch over large neck areas without causing discomfort or slipping off just like conventional