How To Save A Baby Kitten From Dying?

– How to save a kitten from dying? – My kitten is sick. What can I do?

How to save my kittens life or others that are in need of it? – Save our cat! – Help us get out baby alive!

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My puppy pooped inside the house but hasnt peed since how long can she live without going outside and her peeing on herself? – Dog poop poop not pooping for 6 days no peeing on self how much time does this last ?- Dog poops but doesnt poop for 2 days then urinating while trying to eat will die sooner than later- Dog won’t go outside because he won’t come back when called unless you take him out right away. He wont want to eat his food either so keep offering it at least once every 15 minutes.- If your dog doesn’t have access outdoors he could be suffering from an illness which would require vet care right away.-If your dog is still eating, drinking water and playing with toys you probably don’t need immediate vet attention however any other issues such as vomiting, lethargy etc are things you should consult a doctor about immediately.-Your pet probably isn’t coping well with the heat and humidity we’re experiencing these days so try moving