How To Say Bad Kitten In Japanese?

Bad kitty is a common insult in Japan, commonly used by high school students to other people. There are many ways of saying bad cat including the ones below:

1) Bad kitty-nimasho. This simply means ‘I’m not good at this because I don’t know how to do it well yet, so please teach me! Thank you very much!”

2) Bad kitty-san – This is also an easy way for kids to say thanks when someone helps them with something or corrects their mistakes. For example, if your classmate speaks Japanese well but you speak better Japanese than them and they praise you because of that fact then they would say “bad kitty-san deshita yo (You did good today). ”

3) Bad Kitty Knife – If you want to be really mean about things then this one is for you! It would mean that he/she has no idea what he/she was talking about or doing. You can use this on anyone who tries to get into your business tooooo bad 😉