How To Stop Kitten From Bullying Older Cat?

by Anonymous


I have a home for 3 cats, 1 year old and 2 years old. This is my first cat but they are very friendly with each other so I am not worried about this. However there has been alot of bullying behaviour by the kitten – he bites her ears and rubs his face on hers causing scratches which she now covers up with her paw every time he does it. Both cats play together fairly well now but it is clear that the younger one doesnt like to be challenged or picked on in any way at all.The older cat used to tolerate him being here as long as he was left alone but now if i try to pick him up when im playing with them both, she will tell me off whilst also biting me (which makes me bleed).How can I stop this problem?Also how do i make sure that they dont fight or anything else before doing this?Thanks!