How To Stop Kitten From Chewing Cords?

My kitten is 5 months old and has been chewing on the cables in her cage when she gets bored. I have tried hiding all of them, but when she figures it out, she starts to chew them again. She also likes to chew the cords that come off the computer screen or TV remote control. Any suggestions?


How do you stop a hamster from chewing carpet?

I’ve had my 2 year old girl dog for nearly 10 years, he never chews anything in house except his toys & doesn’t know how to hold something tight in his teeth so nothing can be swallowed easily – maybe try putting some sort of toy/toy holder with knotted strings etc tied around it (you can buy these at most pet shops) this could help him get used to it being there & not wanting too much too eat – if he’s already got one then move that into your room somewhere else where he won’t be able to see it…it may help! Hope this helps xxx Annette Xx Annette Xx How do you stop a hamster from chewing carpet? My cat loves scratching things up because they are soft and easy for her to bite through. We have treated our living room rugs with vinegar remedy which works well however we keep getting new furniture ruined by her especially arm rests and table tops. Is there another way we can deter her from destroying furniture other than having an electric shock collar fitted which I don