How To Stop Kitten From Climbing Curtains?

Asked by yael on July 31, 2017 Answer This Question

I recently adopted a kitten. She climbs onto my curtains and I want to stop her from doing so. What can I do? Answered by Doreen P on August 1, 2017 Answer Hi Yael! My name is Doreen, welcome to petMD! It’s great that you are adopting a cat for your home. The best way to deter kitty from climbing up the curtains would be to use something similar in size/shape as what she uses – strips of fabric or paper tape will work well – instead of leaving objects out in the open within reach of the window where cats can climb them (such as cords or other small items). You could also try placing things like ladders inside the window where kitty cannot get at it but can still see it if she looks out throught he opening in the curtain. Krazy Katzing Kitties Our experts have answered questions about how often pets should be bathed… Ask Your Own Pet Question Please complete this question form so we can get back to you. We look forward to getting back to you just tryingto answer any questions not already asked above Q: How much does one bath cost with dry shampoo? A: Depending upon which brand used and depending upon which method used-petco has an online search tool here . Good luck! Read all 694 reviews Reviews (694) There are currently no reviews for this product What is natural hair color for black