How To Stop Kitten From Scratching Furniture?

My cat is a rescue who never had regular litter box training. She’s only been with us for 9 months, but she’s already having major issues with her scratching/scratching furniture. I’ve tried everything to keep her from it, including just locking the door while she scratches up my couch. I’ve tried putting her in another room when I’m not home or laying down on top of it so that she can’t get away with it! This has me stressed out because I have 2 other cats and they are very territorial, but this one will actually scratch you if you get between them! What do I need to do? Anyone have any suggestions?!

I would suggest using an enzyme based product called Nature’s Miracle . It takes about 3 days before the smell goes away completely but will definitely stop the odor so your house doesn’t stink like an animal hospital afterwards.