How To Stop My Kitten From Biting?

You’re not the only one. The other day I was in a pet store and saw this little kitten up for adoption. She looked so cute, but when she started to growl at me, I knew there were some problems.\

This is an old-fashioned method that worked well with my cat’s momma who didn’t have time to get her spayed before he got here. It takes no more than ten minutes and you can do it whenever your cat gets out of line (and don’t forget to put away all his toys):

Take a baking pan full of water; place the pan on the floor near where your cat has been naughty or has gotten into something he shouldn’t have (or anyplace else where he likes to go). When your kitty gets in trouble (after about 5 minutes), give him/her several quick whacks against the bottom of the pan with a paddle or stick until taken by surprise; then carry him/her around in front of you while saying “NO! NO!” Keep saying it over and over again until s/he stops resisting – take good care not to hurt her for this will only reinforce bad behavior! Once she calms down, pick her up gently by both sides of her face – patting gently also helps her remember how much fun being rubbed feels like because after awhile she’ll be begging for attention from anyone who rubs their faces… But keep telling them NO! Because if they