How To Stop My Kitten From Biting Me?

by: Laura B.

Question by: Laura B.: How to stop my kitten from biting me?

Answer by: Sara JoCo, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and Host of The SaraJoCo Show on the Animal Channel Network (

You can’t stop your kitten from biting you, but you can learn how to choose your battles with him so that it doesn’t get out of hand or end up in an emergency room visit where he needs stitches! This is a case where training might actually be necessary if the behavior is severe enough that it interferes with normal activities like feeding or playing fetch. Since keeping kittens declawed is no longer recommended for any reason, I would recommend researching behavior modification techniques online at sites such as before you invest any time at all in this cause. There are some wonderful books available through these sites too – check them out! Also read about cat bite prevention techniques here at A Better Mousetrap blog post titled “How To Prevent Your Kitten From Biting You.” Happy kitties all around 🙂 Please keep in mind that most questions posted on our site are answered within 24 hours – most often much sooner than that – so if yours has not been answered yet, rest assured we will get back to you very soon…in