How To Tame A Kitten From A Farel Mom?

Q: I have a kitten named Farella. She is very affectionate and loves to be held constantly, even while she sleeps. I recently got another cat who comes by occasionally but leaves when he sees her; it has been like this for about six months. Since the other cat’s arrival, my kitten seems less sure of herself than usual and often hides under beds or behind chairs in an effort to escape him (which doesn’t work). My mom suggested that if the other cat stayed away from her until she calmed down enough to accept his presence, then maybe he could play with them after all? What do you think? What should we try first? A: This probably won’t work, so let me suggest two things instead! One possible solution would be for your mother to create a special area where there are no cats at all—a room with just furniture and toys…and nothing else…that can be part of your bedroom when you need it! The second thing you might try is when Farella wants attention she will come up to your mother’s face level on her knees or hands … leave some nice treats near her nose….then follow close behind as fast as she can go….she will eventually learn that whenever something smells good….it must mean people love me too!! Four-Legged Family Members… Q: Did anyone ever see this movie called “Four-legged Family members”? It was about four dog families living together