How To Tame A Wild Kitten Answers?

Is it because we love cats? Or is it because we feel sorry for them?”

“Partly that,” said the man. “And partly that they’re such a nuisance.”

“But why should they be such a nuisance? I thought you said cats were useful about the place.”

The man laughed. “Oh, quite! They catch mice and birds; but what do I care about mice and birds? Besides which, in my part of the world there’s hardly any game worth shooting: so there isn’t much use in having dogs for their hunting. But about these destructive little beasts—why, one can’t even keep them shut up at night without making one’s life miserable with scratching and mewing!” He sighed deeply as he looked round him at his well-ordered garden, smelling deliciously of flowers. Then he turned to Dorothy again: “You see,” he said apologetically, “I’m not very rich; though perhaps when my father dies—” He stopped suddenly as if afraid she might laugh at him or say something rude. Her face was grave too now; but her eyes had brightened into laughter again just before this last remark of his took her off guard, so that she could only reply confusedly by saying how nice it all was looking—and then stopping abruptly under cover of continuing busily with some work on her sewing-machine. The man smiled too after awhile.—He seemed pleased to have made an impression upon her.—